Internet TV content are very optimistic about the prospects landed – Internet TV – Media Industry has been a color TV manufacturers and consumers are most concerned about the issue, before the policy with the state’s restrictions on Internet TV is always in a condition can not break, many TV manufacturers although self-built entertainment platform, but its usefulness is not obvious, furthermore Most consumers do not get the recognition and purchase.

Internet TV as the most current product, we all know, there are advantages increasing your disadvantages. Internet content rich, healthy program, but also detrimental to health programs, if not an amazing management practices, the engineering Internet TV will be greatly hindered. In particular, the majority of TV makers are, and some online video business Cooperation , The network is a lot of pirated video content, no copyright, thus leading to the majority of interest in the challenge. Internet TV To

rapid and healthy development, content richness and authenticity. Recently, the State Administration of Radio respectively CNTV, Shanghai Media, Zhejiang, China issued three the quantity of Internet TV license, it happens to be said for Internet TV content on the right track, but also allow TV manufacturers and consumers see the Internet TV sound market prospects.

It is understood that, with the State Administration of Radio 3 Internet TV license approach, there are already TCL, Tsinghua Tongfang, Skyworth, Konka and many other well-known TV manufacturers were in and access Internet TV license CNTV, Shanghai SMG, the number of Zhejiang China to cooperate in order to obtain content for their handle.

Rich in content could have protection at the same time, this year, four manufacturers have introduced domestic Internet TV, all equipped with full network characteristics, specially in the user interface (UI) on, have adopted the exact same desktop computer menu style interface. For example, TCL’s mitv Internet TV, the UI interface will have “video download”, “online viewing”, “Remote Education “” Online karaoke OK “,” Game downloads “,” Information Bulletin “and many other exciting .

Internet television, is possible browsing information, see Internet video programming, download and other network functions. Moreover, by Remote control Can operate regarding the Internet, television, Hisense blue LED engine TV also borrowed a computer menu features the most in-demand Widget. This is equivalent to the internet when the computer operator to click the mouse or trackpad functionality.

In addition, the network introduced this year, Konka, Sharp is also hugely popular television involving the second generation of consumer concern and love. It is understood that the second generation series of sharp Konka television network through a content platform, and Guangdong Telecom, the Ministry of Culture subordinate recorded Luen Hing, Chinese Quality Education Study Group, Sina, Thunder, PPS, fast and more than 20 broadcast content providers expand cooperation with more than 100,000 Department of genuine Film , More than 20,000 first genuine MTV and other tips. Open platform with all the TV, offer you IE browse, full HD somatosensory purble place game, video calls, and variety of educational online entertainment and data. In addition, video can also call the family KTV, see 3D films.

Rich content made us see the internet TV market outlook strong and quality. I believe that, as the Internet television content to further enrich and support national policies over the following few years will end the main core of flat-panel TV, and fully replace the traditional CRT TV.